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PennyBeads was founded in 2003 as a small beads retail shop in the city of Saronno, Italy.
Having the beads-fever since she was a child, Meroni Georgia decided to make a living out of her passion. The idea was gathering a vast selection of beads typology from as many countries as possible in one place and thus offering the Italian customers a different experience of buying jewelry supplies. Juggling between the need to bring the latest beading trends and being innovative has been our goal from the first day. From the simple plastic beads to the most sophisticated Murano beads- we want them all.

Quickly enough our Italian website where we sell in wholesale prices has been built and gave us the exposure we needed to jewelry makers all over Italy. With a constantly growing base of loyal customers we enlarged our activity gradually. .

Our clients include amateur jewelry makers, professionals, retail beads sites, retail shops and market stands. Whereas many suppliers care merely for low prices we put a strong emphasis on quality, service and price. As people in the world of jewelry know there are hundreds of factories and suppliers for similar/identical types of beads. We will always prefer to pay a slightly higher price for a better quality product. Nevertheless we manage to offer very competitive prices buying directly from the manufacturers. Being beads-lovers ourselves, we know what quality you want and how much you are willing to pay for it.

In the last years we began receiving orders from Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, Croatia, Slovenia, Japan and many other countries. Seeing the rising demand of our international customers who, with a lot of effort, ordered through our Italian site, not knowing Italian, we decided to create an English version.

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